Proactive Citizen Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization created by young social entrepreneurs with a mission to solve citizen's critical social problems in Indian way through technology and volunteerism. We are currently solving the road safety problem in India as at every 3 minutes one life is lost on Indian Roads. In 2021, over 4.5 lakhs road accidents took place, killing 1.55 lakhs and seriously injuring over 1.9 lakhs citizens. More people died in road accidents than in COVID-19.

Our Vision
We aim towards creating a world where people are empowered to engage peacefully and effectively with each other in the sustainable development of their communities. Our goal is to create a strong civil society network that harnesses and builds collective expense and energy of its members to contribute effectively towards building and sustaining a system of participatory local government, in short, Active Citizenship.
Key Focus Areas
Road Safety Measures
Road and transportation are now an essential component of every human being in the modern world. In some way or another, everyone uses the roads. Although the current transportation system has reduced travel times, it has also increased the chance of fatalities. Road accidents claim thousands of lives each year and seriously hurt millions more. The driver's gender is a significant factor in the majority of collisions. Most often, accidents happen as a result of a road user's negligence or lack of awareness about road safety. As a result, learning about road safety is just as important as learning other survival basics. In order to promote safer driving habits among present and potential road users and lower the annual number of fatalities and injuries on our roads, it is our goal to offer road users with information about road safety.
Total Population
139.34 crores
Road Accidents per year
Global Fatalities
Skilled Education
Technical education and training, also known as career education and skill education, prepares students for careers that are based in manual or practical activities. These jobs are typically non-academic and entirely related to a particular trade, occupation, or vocation—hence the term—in which the student participates. Due to the learner's direct development of skill in a certain collection of techniques or technology, it is frequently referred to as technical education.
Public Health
The science of safeguarding and enhancing the health of individuals and their communities is known as public health. In order to accomplish this effort, healthy lifestyles are encouraged, disease and injury prevention research is conducted, and infectious disease detection, prevention, and response are studied. Protecting the health of entire populations is the main focus of public health. These populations can range in size from a single neighborhood to a whole nation or continent.
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Proactive Foundation offers volunteer program for the young citizens, rounds the globe. Citizens can come together with a helping hand and contribute to the society by joining the volunteer team of Proactive Foundation.
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